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March 14, 2020

Corroded or destroyed is the word which comes to my mind when I think about the current moment. Who feels like it’s been only couple of days ago that everything was “fine” and fast forward to Friday the 13th of March, we’re all on our toes waiting on the latest updates on Covid 19 known as Corona virus. A virus which found us all unprepared for such mass madness and fear it has created.

I must say that I have my point of view on all of this and while I’m not afraid of anything or anybody and while I’m using my free will and common sense and I am refusing to be upset by the current situation in any way, I do feel for those affected or who’s families are in immediate danger and had to pause their normal day to day lives because of the virus.

Model : Alison, Clothes by Destiny Helsinki and Alison

I have been entertained by reading some of the articles in different media regarding hygiene, from how to wash your hands to how everybody should be more aware on personal space, sneezing and so on. I’m thinking, is it really necessary to point out something which is absolutely natural to me and goes under “normal” in my household? I guess that yes, because apparently, many people are not having the best of hygiene or aren’t aware how poor their hygiene is even though they might have been thinking that it isn’t so.

Washing your hands many times a day, drinking lots of water, using hand sanitisers and not touching everything and everybody is just most normal for my daily life and that is what I teach my daughter too.

Model : Alison, Clothes by Destiny Helsinki and Alison

Yet, the times we’re in right now are more than needed… I unfortunately think that this is just the beginning and some bigger and more lethal things might happen if we don’t learn something from this Corona virus situation. This world needs a reset and people need to stop volunteering their lives and minds to the media and mass control run by people who love to play God. People should be more aware of each other, less selfish, more conscious and more responsible. Poor is the human who blindly follows what they’re being told, not questioning and agreeing to be manipulated by the installed fear.

Model : Alison, Clothes by Destiny Helsinki and Alison

Nature never breaks it’s own rules… Why do we, humans who are so smart, so advanced, so perfectly created, so stupid at the end of the day? When did we become hypnotised masses and when are we going to wake up finally??

The time is now to DO SOMETHING and not let another, even worser situation than this one or the wild fires in Australia happen on even bigger scale. Think about it… You have the power to change the world, start with yourself.

All photographs by Natali K. photography