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Gourmet moment: Baked arctic char

October 12, 2016

This Wednesday shall start off with a yummy recipe in my “Gourmet moment” where I share my home cooked meals with you which will hopefully inspire you to try cooking and experimenting with different food at home. Cooking at home is therapeutic for me and I love to challenge myself and always try to either invent some new recipes or twist and adjust already tried recipes and make them even better. 🙂

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Food, Lifestyle, My Work

Gourmet moment: Citrus chicken

October 5, 2016

As you might have already noticed, I love to cook at home and create new as well as re-create some of my all time favourite dishes. The recipe which I’ll share with you today is one of the ultimate favourites in my family and everybody loves it equally as much. I love to prepare it on Sunday, when I usually feel really lazy but I still want to cook something healthy, so this recipe then comes in as a perfect saviour since it doesn’t require much time spent by the stove and oven, but the outcome is always a super delicious one.

Kuten olet jo ehkä saattanut huomata. Minä rakastan ruoan laittamista kotona. Rakastan kehitellä uusia, kuin myös muuttaa jo valmiita ruoka annoksia. Resepti minkä jaan tänään teidän kanssanne on yksi perheeni suosikeista. Ja kaikki meidän perheessämme ovat siihen yhtä ihastuneita. Haluan yleensä valmistaa tämän ruoka annoksen Sunnuntaisin. Sillä se on yleensä se päivä jolloin tunnen itseni laiskaksi, mutta haluaisin silti valmistaa jotakin terveellistä ruokaa. Tämä annos on siihen tarkoitukseen täydellinen, sillä se ei vaadi paljon aikaa hellan ja uunin äärellä. Mutta lopputulos on silti todella herkullinen.

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Pasta Puttanesca

July 24, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe here on my blog so I thought to share one of my favourite pasta recipes to date. I’m a huge pasta fan and I’ve grown up on pasta prepared in million ways. Being raised in a small city on the Croatian seaside, which was heavily influenced by Italy and Italian cuisine, I can proudly say that I had a privilege of eating the best pastas through my whole childhood so I have a very fine taste when it comes to how I like my pastas and sauces that come with it.

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