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5 for Friday

February 24, 2017

TGIF aka Thanks God It’s Friday! I had the most lethargic and uninspiring week ever. On top of my health issues the weather has been “back to Narnia” like one, I have the worst tooth ache, no sleep and a ton of work. I wanna go back in time, be a little kid, suck my thumb and watch cartoons. Can I get that as a 8 months early birthday present? Thanks! Continue Reading…

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5 Instagram pointers

July 8, 2016


Hello my dear readers and happy Friday! I’ve been thinking about putting up a bit different type of post. My favourite and most used app on my iPhone is def. Instagram and I update my profile 4-5 times per day. I’m nowhere near the girls who have 100k or so followers, but I believe that many of us can’t relate with those profiles to start with, so from my humble but real point of view, I’d like to share some Instagram tips and pointers with you. Please mind that I’m talking only about organic, self brought traffic to an Instagram profile. There’re no payed companies that manage my account nor did I buy any followers and likes. After clearing this out, let’s start with the pointers:

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