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Dinner at Nobu Shoreditch

October 2, 2017

Nobu Shoreditch, a newcomer to the ever growing restaurant scene in London. Dinner at Nobu Shoreditch was on top of the “must visit” places on my travel bucket list during my recent trip to London. Nobu restaurants are a worldwide group of top notch, Japanese cuisine and fine dining restaurants, coming from the celebrated Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Nobu Shoreditch is also owned by a super famous Hollywood actor Robert DeNiro who also attended the opening of this restaurant and the first Nobu hotel in London a few months ago. By opening Nobu Shoreditch hotel and restaurant, Shoreditch area got a big “upgrade” to already buzzing and growing area of London that is quickly becoming one of the coolest areas in town to live, explore, work… You name it! 🙂  Continue Reading…

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5 for Friday

October 21, 2016

Oh my… Birthday week of celebrating and being so overwhelmed and on the go, surrounded by so many friends ( and people in general ) on daily basis got to me… My energy is officially running low atm. 😀 I still have so many cool things and outings planned for this weekend and I’m totally set on taking Monday and Tuesday as my “pampering days”. 😀

No niin. SyntymĂ€pĂ€ivĂ€ viikko menossa juhlistaen. Olen todella innoissani ja kokoajan liikkeessĂ€. Olen ympĂ€röinyt itseni rakkailla ystĂ€villĂ€ (ja ylipÀÀnsĂ€ ihmisillĂ€) pĂ€ivittĂ€in, ja se on maksanut veronsa. SillĂ€ energiavarantoni alkavat ehtymÀÀn tÀÀllĂ€ hetkellĂ€… 😊 Minulla on monta asiaa ja menoa suunniteltuna tĂ€lle viikonlopulle. Joten olen pÀÀttĂ€nyt pyhittÀÀ tulevan Maanantain ja Tiistain “hemmottelulle”. 😊

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Visit Helsinki: Mashiro

January 26, 2016

When a sweet couple, Simon and Annika had a dream about a restaurant where all of their friends would like to hang out, something small but vibrant with the good atmosphere, delicious food and their favorite music, little did they knew that the dream was about to come true very soon!?

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