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Lumene cosmetics

March 25, 2016

Lumene is a Finnish cosmetics brand that I was introduced to more than 8 years ago, on my first trip to Finland. Ever since then, it was clear to me that pretty much every Finnish lady has been or is using at least one product by Lumene. Lumene cosmetics cover everything, from beauty to skincare and the high quality, always “up to date” products with a great dose of uniqueness, never disappoint their loyal customers.

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New in: Sephora haul

April 21, 2015

Hello, hello! Here’s a bit different post for you! I hope that you’ll find it interesting and most of all helpful. I personally love to see posts like these with some good insight into what’s new in beauty stores and what’s worth investing your money in, rather than just going into the store and picking up whatever you see in that moment not quite sure is it going  to do the miracles that you’re hoping for and be worth the bucks.

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