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Visit Helsinki: Bronda

June 29, 2016


In my newest post of “Visit Helsinki” cycle of articles, I’m bringing you a full-on review of restaurant Bronda! I did write about this same restaurant a little bit less than a year ago and you can read about it here in case you’ve missed it.

Unlike the 1st time, this time around we’ve been testing out Bronda as a lunch spot and it’s set lunch menu with vegan options too. Even though, it’s not pointed out on Bronda’s website, they do serve vegetarian and vegan options as well as a set menu during lunchtime too. You can either call them in advance and pre-order your vegan/ vegetarian options or you can just walk in and let them surprise you. They’re very skilled personnel, in the kitchen as chefs and as a very friendly and quick service.

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Bare with Madara cosmetics

November 8, 2015

Good morning dear readers! I woke up early this morning ( just like I do on any other given day ). I’m a busy working mom that doesn’t always get enough of “beauty sleep”, most possibly doesn’t always drink 2 L of water per day either, sometimes has way too much stress and tasks weighing on her shoulders but I do always stay strict with one thing and that is to always, no matter what do my beauty morning and evening routine every single day.

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