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Five things

February 25, 2016

Good morning dear readers! This Friday I wanted to write a bit different kind of post. Five things that make me happy lately. When it’s cold and dark outside for many months, it’s easy to feel bit lethargic, unmotivated, etc. I have tried to “cope” with the Winter the best way I know of, by surrounding myself with things and people that make me feel great, give me the drive, motivation and an over all great feeling when I’m with them or doing those, mood lifting things.

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4 city windows

January 16, 2016

I have visited Zagreb, Croatia about a month ago and besides checking out wonderful Bistroteka, one of the places that I was super excited to collaborate with and experience for myself was B&B place called 4 city windows. Continue Reading…

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January 10, 2016

Good morning my dear readers! I’m back to Helsinki and I’m already missing South Croatia’s warm weather and sunshine. It’s been really cold in Finland, -25°C to be more precise! I’m pretty much “surviving” my daily life by using the car and/ or by walking under the city through the underground tunnels. That’s the only way to stay warm-ish!

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Visit Helsinki: Hotel Helka

January 2, 2016

My holidays are coming to their end and before I serve you up with couple of posts from Croatia, I’d like to present you with third hotel from Helsinki city which I’ve collaborated with as part of my “Visit Helsinki” series of posts in which I recommend you places to stay at, visit and dine at in Helsinki.

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Visit Helsinki: Gaijin

November 5, 2015

Gaijin is a Japanese word for an “outsider” or “foreigner” . After being an “outsider” for more than 8 years in Helsinki and being a huge Asian food and culture  lover, visiting restaurant GAIJIN was more than exciting! I have been to some of the best Asian restaurants in Europe such as Yauatcha in London and in US such as Katana Robata and Matsuhisa (LA) but I must admit that Gaijin impressed me so much. It can easily meet the standards of such high level as the other three mentioned restaurants.

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