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Pandora Summer

July 3, 2017

Summer in Croatia has been such a blissful experience! I have loved soaking up the sun rays for the whole month of June. It has rained only once and really shortly, so there is nothing I could complain about. I was in a HUGE need of such a great holiday where I could completely just relax, switch out and dream away my days by the beach, laying down, swimming, reading some books or just meditating while enjoying the sound of the waves and seagulls. 

I guess by my tan, you can conclude that I’m not the one who’s afraid of the sunshine nor stray away from it. I do take care not to expose myself to the direct sunshine in the worst hours (11-16) but otherwise, I love feeling the sun on my face and body… It has such a healing power over me and it has helped me so many times to restart my inner system completely and feel like a brand new woman year after year.

Thank you sea and sun for this gift! 🙂

Another little gift which I’ve received was this beautiful set of earrings, rings and friendship bracelet by PANDORA! All those pieces are from their Summer collection which is such a sweet collection, very beach time orientated with beads that feature seashells, sea stars, flowers and colors which are dominant are blue and pink! If you ask me, it’s a perfect jewellery collection for the Summer adding some tropical twist to finish your outfits with.

Pandora’s jewellery is simply wonderful, very elegant and feminine while keeping that playful and bright note too so it’s suitable for a wide span of age groups.

How do you like this outfit? I felt bit Grecian in this combo, especially because of my ruffled top. 🙂

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  • Reply Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog July 3, 2017 at 10:12 PM

    So beautiful – Pandora is perfect for summer!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Reply Magda July 4, 2017 at 1:30 AM

    Love this top, you look great!

  • Reply Courtney Hardy July 4, 2017 at 2:49 AM

    That outfit is really cute! I love it.

  • Reply Margaret July 4, 2017 at 6:27 AM

    I’m jealous!! I want a vacation like this too!!

    xx Margaret

  • Reply a trendy life July 4, 2017 at 11:36 AM

    Look so beautiful!! So nice outfit and bracelets! Kisses

  • Reply Shloka July 4, 2017 at 8:15 PM

    Really adore your beautiful outfit – the blue with the white is a classic combo!


  • Reply Alyssa July 4, 2017 at 10:00 PM

    I love your look from head to toe, so chic and lovely 🙂

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  • Reply Eleanor July 5, 2017 at 12:49 AM

    Wonderful! Looking so cute! Love the embroidery on the top!

  • Reply Dimito Michiyo July 5, 2017 at 9:47 AM

    You look lovely in that outfit. Especially like the top!

    Followed you on BLOGLOVIN
    See you there!

    Dimito Michiyo

  • Reply Amely Rose July 5, 2017 at 12:46 PM

    The Outfit is so amazing,
    love it.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  • Reply Mónica Sors - Mes Voyages à Paris July 5, 2017 at 1:11 PM

    Love this top!! So chic!
    Mónica Sors

  • Reply Amy Arnold July 5, 2017 at 5:43 PM

    Such pretty pieces, and I just love your blue and white!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Reply Silvia July 5, 2017 at 7:01 PM

    Un look perfecto!!! Las pulseras son preciosas!
    Un beso guapa!

  • Reply Dora July 5, 2017 at 7:29 PM

    Lovely skirt! You look so beautiful!

  • Reply Vanessa July 5, 2017 at 7:50 PM

    You look SO chic! Love the top! Perfect for summer!
    Happy Wednesday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  • Reply Kris July 5, 2017 at 11:23 PM

    I love your outfit and I wear my Pandora bracelet all the time!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx, Kris

  • Reply Teo July 6, 2017 at 12:17 AM

    Very smart and nice title of your blog!
    I like your style, but mostly your photos! Also I like your shoes!
    I’m from Greece a young lifestyle blogger too at
    I would like to see you there too and tell me your opinion about my work!
    Kisses from Greece

  • Reply Jess Speake July 6, 2017 at 12:42 AM

    I’ve never been to Croatia, but I’ve heard amazing things. It’s definitely on my travel bucket list!

    Jess |

  • Reply Shannon Jenkins July 6, 2017 at 3:03 AM

    You look so gorgeous and Im jealous of your tan! That top is so cute and so are your bracelets!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  • Reply Candiceji July 6, 2017 at 9:07 AM

    Love the top blue style.

  • Reply Simply Sory July 6, 2017 at 12:01 PM

    Me encanta la tienda pandora, tiene cosas preciosa a buen precio. LA falda es una pasada.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post con un bolso molón

  • Reply Masha July 6, 2017 at 7:55 PM

    Lovely vacation look! It’s wonderful how everything is easy to wear, but still really stylish. I hope you had a fabulous time!

    White Silk, Black Leather

  • Reply Ellese July 7, 2017 at 6:59 AM

    absolutely stunning look! XO, Ellese


  • Reply Vivian July 7, 2017 at 8:59 AM

    Rocking this look!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  • Reply Violette July 7, 2017 at 9:43 AM

    These jewels are so pretty! I love this blue top on you, this color is for you!

  • Reply Alexandra July 7, 2017 at 11:30 AM


    Nice outfit , i love you played that blue top and the skirt, that one of my favorite!

    keep it up, girl!

    FERBENA.COM | Effortlessly Chic Outfit Ideas to Wear Flat Mules

  • Reply Mihaailo July 7, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    In love with this look!


  • Reply Nathalie July 7, 2017 at 1:39 PM

    Love your top, it’s gorgeous!


  • Reply Layla July 7, 2017 at 1:46 PM

    This is beautiful – love this post. Absolutely gorgeous!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂

    Layla xx

  • Reply christina July 7, 2017 at 10:41 PM

    Wonderful style 🙂

  • Reply Eva July 7, 2017 at 10:53 PM


    xxx, Eva

  • Reply Kiri July 8, 2017 at 1:52 AM

    You look radiant!
    And so cool and summery!
    Love the pandora jewels you have picked too!
    Set to Glow

  • Reply Stacey Kelly July 8, 2017 at 3:09 AM

    So pretty! I love the skirt.

  • Reply Irene | Hint of Grey July 8, 2017 at 7:06 AM

    They go so well with that Ruffle top!! totally in love | ig: @hintofgrey

  • Reply Deliria Rose July 8, 2017 at 9:11 PM

    Love your skirt, and love Croatia BTW!
    Deliria Rose

  • Reply Jessica July 9, 2017 at 4:03 AM

    These two pieces are so dreamy. I love that cobalt top and that eyelet skirt is a summer staple!

    Jessica |

  • Reply lin July 9, 2017 at 6:26 AM

    So beautiful, that blue top is definitely for summer <3

    xoxo, All about hats

  • Reply Toks July 9, 2017 at 11:12 AM

    Lovely outfit. The top is so pretty and you look beautiful. xoxoxo

  • Reply nat July 9, 2017 at 2:15 PM

    that top is so gorgeous

  • Reply Esther July 9, 2017 at 10:08 PM

    Your outfit is so perfect for summer.
    I really love the top.
    Have a nice Sunday evening.
    Love, Esther

  • Reply Esther July 9, 2017 at 10:09 PM

    Your outfit is so perfect for summer.
    I really love the top.
    Have a nice Sunday evening.
    Love, Esther

  • Reply Marian July 10, 2017 at 12:24 PM

    I love your style!

  • Reply North + South + Navy July 11, 2017 at 6:23 AM

    The top and skirt go so well together, love the breezy vibes!


    North + South + Navy

  • Reply GOindiastore August 3, 2017 at 9:59 AM

    Wow, I love this post. Your photos are so amazing

  • Reply lin August 13, 2017 at 7:29 AM

    Pandora always has the elegant, gorgeous style <3

    xoxo, All about Best Wallets 2017

  • Reply joni November 3, 2018 at 9:37 AM

    These jewels are so pretty! I love this blue top on you, so nice .

  • Reply Minah Lynn May 30, 2019 at 9:11 PM

    It’s so elegant looking!

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