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Cruise chic with YSL beauty

July 25, 2018

Cruise chic? Yes, that was my lead thought when I was planning the style of my 2nd outfit for YSL beauty club. I love styling my outfits in retro and cruise chic manners when the temperatures are as high as they have been this Summer.Add some YSL beauty / make up products to a cruise chic outfit and the chances are that I’ll be feeling great and confident. 🙂

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Sunday cafe

September 25, 2016

Good Sunday my dear readers and welcome to a new cycle of posts on my blog, “Sunday cafe”! I’ve been living in Finland for almost 9 years and thought this time I have met many wonderful, inspiring individuals and creatives whom have impressed me with their personalities, work, etc. I wanted to start something new on the blog, so since I see L’art of fashion as a place where I like to inspire, share and bring always something beautiful to an “ordinary”. I thought that a sit down chat with a likeminded individuals would be something that would interest you too…

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Pepsi girl

August 1, 2016


Pepsi girl… That’s it, that’s where any connection between me and Pepsi or me and fizzy drinks stops. I used to be into all those drinks when I was little up until I was about 19, which means that for the past decade I didn’t have any, not even when going out and drinking some… ahem, alcohol. 😀 But I do love these kind of simple, loose “Pepsi girl” t-shirts which you can style however you want and I chose to style it in a sporty way.

Pepsi tyttö… siihen se jääkin sitten se minun ja Pepsin tai oikeastaan minkä tahansa poreilevan juoman suhde. Rakastin vastaavia juomia, silloin kun olin nuori, tai siihen asti kun täytin noin 19 vuotta. Mikä tarkoittaa sitä etten ole nauttinut yhtään limua viimeiseen vuosikymmeneen. En myöskään bailatessa ja nauttiessani…öhm alkoholia. Mutta rakastan näitä yksinkertaisia, löysiä “Pepsi tyttö” t-paitoja. Joita voi stailata ihan kuinka tahansa. Ja minä päätin stailata sen urheilullisella tavalla.

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Five things

February 25, 2016

Good morning dear readers! This Friday I wanted to write a bit different kind of post. Five things that make me happy lately. When it’s cold and dark outside for many months, it’s easy to feel bit lethargic, unmotivated, etc. I have tried to “cope” with the Winter the best way I know of, by surrounding myself with things and people that make me feel great, give me the drive, motivation and an over all great feeling when I’m with them or doing those, mood lifting things.

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January 21, 2016

Hello my dear readers! Here’s one more post from Zagreb, Croatia. Besides my favorite Bistroteka and unique B&B 4 City Windows, I have visited a very much raved about and highly visited restaurant Rougemarin. I’m not a girl that likes to go too much “out of my way” when visiting a new city. Usually, on all of my trips, I try to figure out as many places to visit and dine at that are all nearby where I’m staying at and that I can walk to those places too, so that my use of taxi is minimal or non existent.

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Visit Helsinki: Hotel Indigo®

November 29, 2015

Good Monday morning my dear readers! I hope that your weekend was a good one and was filled with holidays’ spirit since it’s the most beautiful time of the year and we have less than a month left until the Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities. 🙂 Many of you have left comments on either my Instagram or on my blog that you’ll be visiting my city of Helsinki in December, so I thought that it was a perfect moment to present you Hotel Indigo® as part of my “Visit Helsinki” series of posts in which I present you the best places to go and explore in Helsinki, from shops, spas, restaurants, to hotels, museums, etc.

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Dirty licks

April 12, 2015

Well hello my dear readers! How are you doing? Did you have a good weekend? Besides all of the lovely comments that you leave me on my outfits, I love hearing about your days and such, so please do feel free to write about your weekend if you feel like sharing. 🙂

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April 1, 2015

It’s Thursday evening AND it’s 1st of April!? Say what? Nope, it can’t be that it’s been a month since I have arrived to LA?! This month literally flew by right in front of my eyes. Whole March was all about huge, life changing moments, filled with stress, happiness, really bad jet lag, being scared, being on a natural high, couple of really good cries, exploring the streets of LA and much more… As you can see, it was filled with lots of highs and lows which were plentiful and sometimes hard to deal with.

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