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Bundled up

November 14, 2016

Over the past week and half, it got really cold and very Wintery in Helsinki. First snow arrived and so did the low temp., slippery ground and ice tramps everywhere. Trench coats and sneakers were replaced by layers and layers of clothes, Winter coats and boots. I have to admit that I did love the appearance of the snow, but I did not enjoy one bit of coldness and having to wear tons of layers. The forecast savvy people are predicting that the snow will melt away by the end of this week and that the weather will warm up a little before Narnia like snow storms come back again. 🙂

While patiently layering my outfit and bundling up, I have realised that I can easily relate the “layering” to how we ( me ) often layer something else in daily life than our clothes only.

It got me thinking how often do we bundle up our brain with way too much unnecessary information, how often do we cover up ourselves with the layers of fear, doubts, insecurities? How often do we tighten up that “scarf” and don’t let ourselves be what and whom we want to be? How often do we put on as many layers as possible to stay “safe and sound” instead of facing the uncertain and challenging in life?

I always have two of those fighting inside of me, the fearless one that is totally ready to ditch all of the layers and live life without doubts and regrets vs. one that would still like to stay bundled up and protected, just my eyes wondering and peeking through in case I might want to still check through at the “possibilities” that float around.

Yes, cold is not nice and it does send shivers down your spine but the world that’s out there, waiting to be discovered and conquered can bring you much more warmth and make your blood run faster than any warm layers ever could.

Let’s all be a little bit more braver and confident by not always playing the “right” cards and relying on safe bets but instead embrace the uncertainty of coldness and make the best of it!

Happy Monday everybody!

Outfit: Sneakers ( HERE ), Coat ( HERE ), Sweater ( HERE ), Bag ( HERE ), Scarf ( HERE ), Brooch ( HERE )







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  • Reply Marta November 14, 2016 at 11:21 AM

    That coat is gorgeous! And I agree with you 100%. Nowadays almost everybody has layers, including me, and it can keep us from doing so many great things. But over the years I’ve been slowly learning to be more fearless and do what makes me happy.

    • Reply natali karppinen November 14, 2016 at 10:19 PM

      Thank you dear Marta, I’m really glad to read that you’ve been doing more of those things for yourself and what feels good for you rather than what society “expects” you to. 🙂

  • Reply mariafelicia magno November 14, 2016 at 12:45 PM

    very nice outfit dear.. I like your sweater

  • Reply Anaivilo November 14, 2016 at 2:08 PM

    So much snow! That is so beautiful! 😀

    love your coat, it has such a nice color, it looks great on you! 😀

  • Reply antela November 14, 2016 at 2:22 PM

    I really like it =)
    kisses Blamod
    new articles

  • Reply Alissa November 14, 2016 at 4:01 PM

    You know, it really is an interesting thought of how we layer clothing and also our lives, thoughts, etc. We have so much going on that we glorify the layering but don’t understand WHY we are layering, you know? This might be taking it too seriously/literally, but I think you have such a great point!

    The Adored Life

    • Reply natali karppinen November 14, 2016 at 9:58 PM

      THANK YOU so much dear Alissa! I see that you totally understood what I wanted to say with this post. 🙂

  • Reply Amy Arnold November 14, 2016 at 4:28 PM

    Wow, it definitely looks cold! Your layers are perfect for winter. Love the coat and boots. I agree, we tend to be people with many layers too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Reply natali karppinen November 14, 2016 at 9:57 PM

      Yep, it is cold outside! 😀 Thank you for commenting, it always makes me happy that you stop by and read! 🙂

  • Reply Nada November 14, 2016 at 5:13 PM

    Amazing photos hun 🙂

  • Reply Rachel November 14, 2016 at 5:16 PM

    I love this look! So cozy. That coat is gorgeous 🙂


  • Reply Jessi November 14, 2016 at 5:18 PM

    Love your sweater and coat! Such a pretty look!


    • Reply natali karppinen November 14, 2016 at 9:56 PM

      Thank you Jessi, I’m happy to read that you liked my outfit. 🙂

  • Reply Rachael Dickens November 14, 2016 at 5:54 PM

    Love that white sweater! So chic.

  • Reply Tessa Torrente November 14, 2016 at 6:47 PM

    loving that coat!

  • Reply JLu November 14, 2016 at 8:02 PM

    You look so beautiful in this outfit!

  • Reply Kelsey Bang November 14, 2016 at 8:26 PM

    I am obsessed with your asos sweater! buying it now!

    • Reply natali karppinen November 14, 2016 at 9:55 PM

      Thank you Kelsey, I’m happy that you liked it that much! 😀

  • Reply Toks November 15, 2016 at 12:39 AM

    That coat is just lovely and I actually quite like layers in the winter. You look great bundled up. xoxoxo

  • Reply Shannon Jenkins November 15, 2016 at 2:11 AM

    Looking fabulous as always! I love this coat! The colors are so pretty!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  • Reply Maryam November 15, 2016 at 5:54 AM

    I love that white top! You look great!

    xo, Maryam

  • Reply Hairwonderfulday November 15, 2016 at 10:20 AM

    Love your outfit and it is a a beautiful post:) xx

  • Reply Ivana November 15, 2016 at 10:49 AM

    Zanimljivu si paralelu povukla i ne mogu se ne složiti s tobom! 🙂 Kako ti uvijek kažeš, geart minds… 🙂

    Kombinacija je prekrasna, pravi dokaz da i po zimi možemo pokazati svoju individualnost i stil i stvarno mi nije jasno zašto većina blogera kuka po zimi ili pak ide na one kombinacije sa sandalama i bundom…samo za slikanje! 😛
    Kaput pa broševi pa ove premoćne tenisice, malo je reći da si me oduševila, ali znaš da jesi! Prekrasna u ovom snijegu i ledu! <3

  • Reply Jolien November 15, 2016 at 11:54 AM

    Love that coat!

  • Reply Kerstin November 15, 2016 at 12:22 PM

    I’m absolutely in love with your coat! Whoah it’s beautiful 🙂

    Love, kerstin

  • Reply Fabrizia November 15, 2016 at 3:27 PM

    I adore your look, and what I like more is the reflection you had about layering starting by the outfit!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

    • Reply natali karppinen November 16, 2016 at 12:55 AM

      Thank you Fabrizia very much, I’m happy that you liked the post!

  • Reply Rosie November 15, 2016 at 5:46 PM

    Wow snow . . . it will be 65 F here tomorrow . . . I love the sweater it is really stunning. You look so cute all bundled up

    Life is just Rosie

  • Reply Tamara November 15, 2016 at 7:58 PM

    Your sweater is gorgeous! and I love the coat too!


    Tamara –

  • Reply Vera November 16, 2016 at 2:10 AM

    What beautiful photos!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  • Reply Milex November 16, 2016 at 5:19 AM

  • Reply aicha November 16, 2016 at 9:26 AM

    Loved this outfit, you are beautiful!

    Aicha | The Fashion Heist

  • Reply Wildfire Charm November 16, 2016 at 11:35 AM

    The sweater is so cute! I love the ruffles xx

  • Reply Kristine November 16, 2016 at 8:41 PM

    The looks is amazing and looks perfect for the weather.

  • Reply Taylor November 17, 2016 at 12:15 AM

    Love this bundled up look!
    Such a chic way to dress for the cold weather!
    Love that coat and scarf!

  • Reply Kristen November 17, 2016 at 3:11 AM

    Absolutely beautiful! I love your blog!

  • Reply Prints And Roses November 17, 2016 at 8:24 AM

    such a lovely coat!

    Printspirational and stylish wall art for your home!

  • Reply Elise November 21, 2016 at 3:58 AM

    Wow, what a lovely jacket! Looks so beautiful with the snow 🙂


  • Reply Nuris Ely Setyo November 21, 2016 at 8:40 AM

    Love the final layering of your look. It is definitely cold out there.

  • Reply J November 16, 2019 at 9:32 PM

    Love the post! Check out Bluecommandapparel for your winter needs!

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