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Sunday cafe: Meet Leo

November 13, 2016

Good Sunday morning my dear readers! It’s time for a third post in my “Sunday cafe” series! I’m happy to introduce you every few weeks to young, inspiring and creative minds which I’m proud to call my friends. After very well accepted posts with two gorgeous girlfriends , Rita and Katherine, it’s turn to balance it all well with a masculine addition – Leo! Leo will present himself properly on his own in the questionnaire below, but I’d like to say a few words as an introduction of this lovely gentleman.

He is one of those people whom I met only short time ago but “hit it off” instantly and feel as if I’ve known him for many years. I feel that as I grow older, I don’t make new friendships that easily anymore, but when I do recognise an alike mind and soul, I will always find “space” for those in my life… So, meet Mr. Leo!

What is your name and age?
I’m Leo Nikita Kadieff, and about the age of Jesus Christ at his biblical height!
Where do you come from?
I was born in Russia where my parents worked in the traveling, so we moved to Finland where I lived my formative years in Helsinki.

How long have have you been living in Finland, and where?

Most of my life I’ve lived in Helsinki. But currently I’m working and studying in Turku.
Helsinki is where I picked up my tendency of talking to, and getting to know strangers. Its a really cool city for being the capital, everything exists in micro size, and the distances are short. People are social and outgoing, so it fits me well.
Turku on the other hand is a provincial university city. And as the old capital of Finland it has more soul. At first people are taken by the beautiful riverside with all the boats where all the nightlife happens. But later as you get to know the locals, the city really grows on you. Everything is orderly, tidy and everyone is polite and respectful, the city lives in a time capsule of the formed glory days.

How do you like living in Finland?

If you don’t mind the cold, its not so bad. As a home base its great, the distances are short, and living in the cities you don’t need a car.
Most basic services are covered by the state, so everyone is more or less well off. Since, or maybe because everything is provided in Finland, it’s the promised land of advocacy groups. This translates to reactionary politics, where people are always looking for the least common denominator. In terms of getting everyone heard its great, but when it comes to adapting to the global economy and fixing the rigid job market, we’re screwed.

What’s your knowledge of Finnish language?

What is your daytime job, what do you do?
In an entrepreneur and a consultant. I’m the co-founder of, a startup that uses AI and cloud-computing to make online video run smoothy across different devices. And on the side I coach young professionals in networking and business etiquette.

If you’re in or about to visit Helsinki this month, you can see and meet Leo at two different events; hosting Youth Speak Forum 17.11. and at SLUSH  moderating on the “Founder stage” 30.11. and make sure to visit his newly opened blog to stay up to date on his whereabouts. 🙂



What are you hobbies and passions?

I’m involved in several non-profits that promote and encourage entrepreneurship in Finland. More and more of my friends are realizing that the jobs they we’re trained for don’t exist any more, and are exploring the opportunity of creating their own jobs. The great part of Finland is the massive community support for entrepreneurship, and I’m a part of the effort of helping people take their dreams in to action.

Also sports is my medicine, and lately I’ve added a fast-paced water-training called ”Hydrotraining” to my routine.
Its like cross-fit in water, and includes the mandatory obsessive ranting and raving to all your friends.

What are the best and worst sides of Finland?

Since its my home its hard to compare. But in general foreigners fall in love with the slow paced lifestyle, connectedness to nature, and the seemingly egalitarian society. On the flip side, if you’re a world traveller, there are more vibrant and cosmopolitan countries to live in.


List three things you would take to a deserted island.
A fisher, a chef and someone with a really dark sense of humor.

Your favourite trip by now and why?

Southern Italy. Where leisure is serious business, and something not to be taken lightly! The Amalfi coast is magical place. Built of a cliff-side to the ocean the views are stunning, and everyone you meet is a sort of a artisan. Writer, chef or a musician ..

What is your life motto? Explain!
“A fool that persists at his folly will get wise”.. That’s me.

Recommend a book, movie and song.

Book, Viktor Frankl – Man in search for meaning. This will help you put you life in perspective 🙂
Movie, Fight Club – I’m breaking the rules by telling you.
Song, Curtis Mayfield – Supafly

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