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Sunday cafe : Meet Jad

December 11, 2016

Good Sunday morning my darlings! Seeing that you’ve been loving my “Sunday cafe” column and the idea of introducing you to various young and inspiring individuals living in Finland who’re not originally from here is very flattering and motivating. I’m happy to bring in more posts/ guests to my Sunday cafe.

Everybody, please say hello to Jad! It’s been less than a year ago that I’ve met this precious jewel of a friend! Pretty quickly we’ve realised that we had not only many friends in common, but also a lot of personality, dreams and interests that were in common too. 🙂

I’m truly thankful to have Jad in my life… He’s one of those friends I’d “put my hand in the fire” for! Read on what Jad has to say about himself:

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Sunday cafe: IP sound

December 4, 2016

Good Sunday dear readers! I’m back with my Sunday cafe in which I’m happy to present you young and inspiring creative minds which I’ve met here in Finland that aren’t Finnish or in today’s “case” a wonderful persona in form of my brother, somebody who’s been visiting Finland for many years and has been influenced by it in numerous ways.

I have two brothers and I was lucky to have my older brother stay with me for the whole month of November. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to sit down with this young gentleman and “attack” him with some questions for Sunday cafe. I’m proud of you bro and I love you! This is what he has to say to my “interrogating”:

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Sunday cafe: Meet Leo

November 13, 2016

Good Sunday morning my dear readers! It’s time for a third post in my “Sunday cafe” series! I’m happy to introduce you every few weeks to young, inspiring and creative minds which I’m proud to call my friends. After very well accepted posts with two gorgeous girlfriends , Rita and Katherine, it’s turn to balance it all well with a masculine addition – Leo! Leo will present himself properly on his own in the questionnaire below, but I’d like to say a few words as an introduction of this lovely gentleman.

He is one of those people whom I met only short time ago but “hit it off” instantly and feel as if I’ve known him for many years. I feel that as I grow older, I don’t make new friendships that easily anymore, but when I do recognise an alike mind and soul, I will always find “space” for those in my life… So, meet Mr. Leo!

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