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5 for Friday

May 13, 2016


Hello everybody and greetings from sunny Croatia!! I’m here for my friend’s wedding day which is tomorrow and I’m very excited to see her take a big step in her life like this one. I’m also looking forward to just relaxing and having some fun with close friends.

I’m also here for some work and small projects which I can’t wait to talk to you about. Most of it is still “under construction”, but already next week, I’ll be kickin’ off the first assignment. 🙂 Keep an eye on this space because Croatia is a big time “hotspot” as the world’s most wanted Summer destination this year.

5 for Friday is my little roundup of 5 favourite Instagram photos which I took over the past week and if you wish to follow me daily and see what I’m up to, then def. follow me up at natakar .

Since I have a lot to do and prepare for tomorrow’s wedding celebrations, I’ll take off now, but stay tuned for so much more to come. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everybody!






5 for Friday

May 6, 2016


Good morning my dear readers! It’s finally a weekend and I’m very excited about it. There’s a lot of things I’m looking forward to do over the weekend and ultimately, I can’t wait to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday. I’ve been a mom for 7+ years now and I can’t put into words what it means to me to be a mom to the most special, beautiful and smart little girl like my daughter is. <3

Are you a mom? Do you celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend too? Are you going to treat your mom something special? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

In only a few days, I’ll be travelling to Croatia and I can’t wait but it sure will be hard to leave the gorgeous weather that we’ve been having in Helsinki for over a week now! It’s a record believe me, esp. for the month of May. 😀

Past week was a mix of turbulence and chill moments so to say… I’m totally in a need of good weekend, so I’ll kick it off early and head out to do some gift shopping for my family in Croatia.

Have a great Friday and weekend everybody! May the sun shine strong wherever you are right now!

Here’s a roundup of my 5 favourite Instagram shots from the past week.


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5 for Friday

April 29, 2016


Good morning world and hello FriYAY!! I’m back with my 5 for Friday post where I’m sharing my favourite 5 Instagram photos from the past week. If you wish to follow my daily adventures on Instagram, please do check out my profile HERE!!

One more working week is almost behind us and “the” mark of 1st of May is coming this Sunday! I just can’t wrap up my head around the thought that 5th month of this year is kicking off… Time flies and there’s still so much that I want to do and complete in this year. I better start driving bit faster and take my foot off the break for a little. 😀

What are your plans for the month of May? I’m taking off to Croatia soon and I can’t wait for that. I will do my best to bring /create some awesome content to share with you. It’s such a gorgeous country, esp. in the end of Spring and whole Summer, there’ s just no better place to be at. 🙂 Also, as I’ve mentioned already, my childhood friend is getting married so I’ll be happy to get all dolled up and celebrate with her!! It’s been about time to go out “properly”. 😀

After a week of rain and clouds, it’s finally sunny in Helsinki and I’m about to hit the gym and after that, I’m off to two meetings, but in between, I’ll make sure to inhale some of that natural D vitamin in some of adorable cafe terasses in the city center.

Have a great weekend everybody!






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Visit Helsinki: Toscanini

April 27, 2016


Growing up in Croatia and eating the finest of Mediterranean cuisine, including my mom’s and grandma’s impeccable cuisine, I was born to be a self-proclaimed foodie master! 😀 I’ve always loved good food and my standards to what tastes good have developed through the years, so by this age, if I’m eating at home, I make sure to buy only the high quality ingredients when cooking my lunches and dinners because I’d rather buy something bit more expensive in the food aisle and save on that 10th, unnecessary skirt for the Spring/ Summer “wardrobe refreshment”!

Yeah, I know, not so fashion thing of me to do. When I do go out for a lunch or dinner, I wanna go to places which deserve a dollar to be spent there… There’re way too many restaurants nowadays but not many do give what they ask you to pay for. Bummer, I know, so that’s why I’m more than happy to once again bring you an article from my cycle of “Visit Helsinki” posts in which I’m presenting you the best places to visit, dine at, hotels to stay at, etc. in case that you find yourself visiting my city this Summer perhaps! 🙂

If you are a local or somebody who’s living nearby, even better, then you get to test these places even sooner and share your experiences with me!


Going back to me growing up in Croatia, I have practically lived on an Italian food for a good amount of my life. I know how “the real” Italian food should taste and look like, so upon moving to Helsinki, Finland almost 9 years ago, I didn’t really have a chance to satisfy my Italian cuisine cravings. What was presented to me here as “Italian food” was a far cry from that. Ever since, I’ve been on a hunt for the real deal and I finally found it at Toscanini restaurant ran by a proper Italian chef! Hallelujah!! Pasta perfection here I come!



Toscanini restaurant is a “house restaurant” of a design hotel Klaus K which happens to be one of my favourite hotels ever. That’s how I came in “touch” with Toscanini for the first time about a year ago, by ordering in a room service for dinner. I remember thinking that my dinner was so delicious that I must pay a visit to this restaurant in person and not only via room service delivery.

I did it… Ok, a year later, but I still did it and guess what? The food is absolutely amazing and if I wasn’t looking outside the window on the Boulevard street and seeing the Finnish “Spring weather”, I would totally think that I’m in Italy, by the sea and any moment now Eros Ramazzotti songs will start blowing from the speakers. 😀


Besides weekly changing lunch menu, Toscanini are serving a full course, a-la carte menu in the evening times and over the weekend. There’s a little bit of everything for everybody and I’m so happy to see a menu which is not 3 meters long one with various pasta and pizza options, as it’s usually the case with all of the touristy versions of Italian restaurants I’m used to see around.


As starters we’ve opted for fish and seafood soup aka bouillabaisse flavoured with chilli and garlic bread and San Daniele ham cured for 18 months and a modern version of crispy bruschetta with Buffalo mozzarella cheese. The soup was one of the most delicious fish soups ever. I could “taste” the sea, it was so fresh and a perfect starter for a fish lover like me while ham + mozzarella might have looked like a simple combo but the explosion of tastes was incredible.



Main courses were perfect follow ups to starters – fresh spaghetti chittarra with oyster mushrooms and crispy Parmesan cheese and fresh rigatoni pasta with juniper flavoured hare ragu.

My mushroom pasta was so simple, but perfectly creamy and satisfying perfection of mushroom and cheese taste while the hare ragu made in red wine and tomato sauce was cooked to perfection and had a wonderfully balanced and rich taste. I don’t have to mention that both pastas were cooked al dente, which is also something I had problems with finding in Helsinki.



To complete the already successful Italian feast, we couldn’t pass on classics like Tiramisu which is truly the best one in this city and Citrus semifreddo with chocolate cake and berries. We loved every single spoonful and left back home with smiling faces and dreams of Italy.



*This post has been made in collaboration with Toscanini restaurant, all of the opinions are my own.

*Thank you to Miss Sissi E. for making this collaboration happen.

*Photography by Natali K. photography

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Visit Helsinki: Bryggeri Helsinki

April 24, 2016


Sunday is made of “foodie dreams” as I bring you a new post from my series of “Visit Helsinki” posts in which I’ve been recommending you a special, must visit places in the city, from restaurants and hotels to spas and shops. I’m very happy to present you Bryggeri Helsinki- that has just been voted the beer restaurant of the year! Their house beer Weizen was chosen the best beer at Helsinki beer festival and their brewing master comes from Germany… Only these facts were enough to “lure” me into deciding to visit this gem on Helsinki’s food scene.

As you could have already concluded, Bryggeri Helsinki is a beer brewery/ restaurant. Even though food is as important and a lot of love and effort is put into each dish, they’re not complete without the main “thing” in Bryggeri  Helsinki and that is beer. Besides home favourites and produced on spot beers, this restaurant has the biggest and best beer selection from local Finnish small breweries.



Speaking with the head chef and a master in pairing beers with the dishes from the menu, I got to know that they’re very dedicated to their work and lots of attention is put into matching dishes with the beers, so each dish which we were presented was accompanied by the fitting beer.

I have never seen this kind of concept before, because usually when you go out to the restaurants they might offer you a menu and a matching wines to go with it, but to match beer that wonderfully works with the food was something completely new and exciting.

Interior of the restaurant is kept minimalistic and the main star of the space are big brewing tanks which are impressive. Last time I saw something similar was in Prague, so to find something like that in Helsinki felt as if I was on a mini adventure learning about a whole new scene that I didn’t know existed in my town. 🙂



Bryggeri Helsinki is also very environment aware as they have started a co-operation with gas company Gasum, meaning that during the production/ brewing of their beer they’ll use biogas, renewable energy and resulting waste will be put into use/ production again.

Bryggeri Helsinki are very set on using locally produced, in season produce. Besides the a-la carte menu, they’re also serving lunch during the working weekdays.

For the starters we were presented with baked pumpkin, Finnish goat’s milk cheese and pomegranate salad along with the selection of starters of salmon gravlax ( Pils beer ), marinated mussels ( Weizen beer ), pork terrine ( Roggenfest beer ) and lightly salted beef ( India pale ale – english style beer ). Both starters came with the matching beers. It was very impressive that each bite from the selection of starters was presented with it’s matching beer. Beers def. brought up every bite to life and gave a complete taste satisfaction. Salad worked perfectly with Citra – extra pale ale, very American style beer, one of customer favourites too.



We were excited about the main course as we were tasting two completely different dishes. I had a vegetarian option of lentil koftas, smoked yoghurt, orzo pasta, spinach and roasted cashew which was very Indian inspired dish and one of the best ( and most satisfying ) vegetarian dishes I’ve found in Helsinki. The dish was paired with sweeter and soft, Summer popular beer, fruity Rose.

The other main course was slow (overnight) cooked red deer entrecôte with mushroom risotto and brussel sprouts. Risotto worked wonderfully with the meat which was juicy, tender and perfectly flavoured. Adding a matching beer to it ( ESB – extra special bitter beer, English style beer ), brought the whole, already great taste experience to a whole new level.





Even though we were quite full, we couldn’t pass on a dessert so we went for a lemon pie and raspberry sorbet which were outstanding! So worth “unbuttoning” our pants and making space for this sweet tooth bomb as it was the most delicious lemon pie ever! I felt the taste of Summer in my mouth. 🙂


I hope that I have convinced you to visit this amazing restaurant if you’re living in Helsinki or will be visiting my city in the near future. If you want to spend a buck or two more and having a unique experience, then Bryggeri Helsinki is so worth it!

*This post has been made in collaboration with restaurant and brewery Bryggery Helsinki, all of the opinions are my own.

*Thank you Ali Suviala for making this collaboration possible!

*Photography by: Natali K. photography

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5 for Friday

April 22, 2016


Hello my dear readers! How are you doing? I’ve been having a very weird, heavy week and I’m pretty much glad that the weekend is here. I’m planning to completely relax, organise my schedule and work for the upcoming week and eat some good food in a company of my friends.

I’m having a huge toothache this morning and it’s not a nice feeling, esp. because I have work assignments the whole day, but I’ll survive by taking some mild painkillers and drinking my chamomile tea. 🙂

I can’t believe that this is the last weekend of April?! Next weekend we’ll be celebrating 1st of May already and I’m totally set on having the best Summer ever, so I better start making my plans for that too. Oh! I might have not mentioned you that I’ll be going (in May) to Croatia for my friend’s wedding!! I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to share such a special moment with her and some other dear friends which I don’t see as often as I’d love to.

Do you have any upcoming weddings? How about your Summer plans? Did you start planning already? 🙂

I’m sharing 5 favourite photos of this week which I’ve snapped on my Instagram and if you wish to follow my daily adventures, please do follow me here!!




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5 for Friday

April 15, 2016


Waking up to another sunny day is truly a blessing… Days have been so much brighter and longer that I can see a huge improvement in my overall wellbeing, I’m more happier, energetic and I wake up much easier than usually. I’ve been doing my best to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Even though it’s still chilly and yesterday it was a very windy day, I’m loving every single moment of this beautiful Spring weather in Finland. 🙂

As I listen to “Falling” from Twin Peaks TV series ( any fans here ?? ), I’m writing this post and after that I have a plan to spend this Friday outside, “playing tourist” in my own city, go for a long walk with my daughter and hopefully grab a first ice cream from an ice cream stand. First one this year! 🙂 Ah those small things… They’re everything!

How about you? What are you up to this weekend?

Just like past two Fridays, I’m sharing my 5 for Friday with you, 5 randomly picked photos that have marked my Instagram feed this week. I hope that you like them and if you wish, you can follow my daily wonderings around the city on my Instagram profile.

Much love to everybody!





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5 for Friday

April 8, 2016


Good morning dear readers! Thank you so much on all of the comments on the previous two blog posts, I read every single one of them and I also try to answer all of them. Having you engaged in commenting and sharing your opinions with me is something that I value a lot and for me personally, it’s the best part of blogging – to be able to exchange the opinions on certain topics.

I’m kicking off this weekend ( Friday is weekend, right? :)) by taking it easy, running minimum errands and just chilling. Visiting a friend, possible take away or order in will for sure be part of my weekend too. 🙂 What are your plans?

I’m sharing 5 favourite Instagram photos of this week and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to have my answers video to your Q&A’s edited and up online by this Sunday! Stay tuned and take care!

Much love!


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April 4, 2016


Pulse. Sometimes I just need to remember to stop for a moment and “check” my pulse. It’s incredible how much we’re capable of putting a big load of responsibilities and tasks on our shoulders, running around, making a living, trying to balance all of the roles that we’re so to say, playing in our lives… How often are we guilty of not putting ourselves in the first place much more often?!

Checking your own pulse… Being in a complete silence, not thinking about anything, not doing anything, just sitting or laying down, listening to your own heartbeat… When was the last time that you have done this? I truly can’t remember when was the last time that I have done it.

Even when I have my “down time”, it still involves some sort of electronics around me, thoughts still rushing through my mind and/ or worrying about “what could maybe be” with whatever it is that might be bothering me or which tasks I haven’t managed to take care of today and how can I solve them tomorrow, etc.

I had a pretty stressful week, esp. the weekend and I’ll do my best to remember and check my own pulse more often this week, worry less, stress less and treat myself a little bit more. New working BUT wise!! and relaxing week, here I come! 😀

Happy Monday everybody!

I’m wearing: Blazer – Alice & Olivia, Blouse – Acne, Skirt – Zara, Boots – Ten points, Bag – Lumi, Sunglasses – Celine, Lipstick – Mac

Photography by: Rita Miklan




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5 for Friday

April 1, 2016


Hello dear readers and welcome to the new chapter on my blog! I have now officially “moved” over to United Influencers platform and after couple of nerve wrecking days of fighting the technical problems, you still might find some bits and pieces missing on the blog, but it will be all fully ready next week, so please bare with me. 🙂 You can also find all of my posts easily by using the menu in top left corner and by choosing between different sections!

I’m very happy and proud to be a part of such an inspiring family of influentials and some of the biggest media profiles in Scandinavia such as : football players Ibrahimovic and Messi, biggest Swedish blogger Blondibella and Finnish ski legend Kalle Palander. I can’t wait to reach my full potential and make some of my goals and blogging dreams come true thanks to support and knowledge of an amazing team of professionals at UI group.

This Friday I’m bringing you 5 photos from Instagram and I’m also inviting you to follow my profile @natakar where I publish daily about 4-5 photos! This way you’ll get more “in person” and “in the moment” feedback from me. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend sweethearts!

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