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Sister love

August 23, 2015

Good morning everybody!! I just woke up and while sipping my morning’s 1st tea, I’m thinking about how this Monday already rocks! My little sister has a BIRTHDAY today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister!! Unfortunately, she’s in Croatia right now, so I won’t be spending this day with her, but luckily she’ll come to visit me in October and then we’ll make up for all of the time that we couldn’t spend together this year.

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Right to live

May 19, 2015

Turning back and forth in my bed… It’s the middle of the night, or some would say early in the morning. No matter what I’ve tried to do ( like count the invisible sheep village ), I just can’t get myself to fall asleep again. Nice! Only 4 hours of sleep, it will be a “fun” day of zombie like looks and low energy levels. I check my phone and it’s showing 4:30 am.

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