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Visit Helsinki: Bronda

October 7, 2015

I love Helsinki! Period! 🙂 This city is a little gem in North of Europe and I feel that it somehow get’s “lost” in between Denmark, Sweden and Russia. Only for the past couple of years is that I can see more and more tourists coming and staying in Helsinki, not just passing through/ having a layover.

I know that I have a big reader’s base outside of Finland and I’ve been for a long time wanting to start writing the series of posts about Helsinki that will discover you this lovely and unique city by me recommending you on where to dine at, where to stay at, where to go for shopping, etc. Almost on daily basis I get questions about this and from now on, you’ll be able to find all of this in one place, here on my blog. 😉

I’ve decided to start with a recommendation of a multi space such as BRONDA! The restaurant Bronda is located in the heart of Helsinki by the Esplanade park. Bronda is a place that brings contemporary Mediterranean restaurant vibe and urban spot, relaxed atmosphere together. BRONDA  is one out of five restaurants in BW restaurants chain and are all being run by restaurateur duo Tomi Björk and Matti Wikberg.


The restaurant interior has three main spaces: cocktail bar next to the entrance with live DJ every afternoon, 7 meters high dining hall that seats about 100 people and private cabinets.

One of the center pieces of the whole restaurant is a custom made, giant walk in wine cabinet that separates the cocktail bar from the dining hall. The cabinet spaces can be divided into four smaller rooms or it can be used as an extension of the dining hall. We’ve been told by our very kind and informative host Kata that there’s a possibility to hold conference calls/ meetings, organise birthdays, celebrations and just get-togethers in the private cabinets that provide the flat TV screen, internet connection and sound system via Genelec speakers.



Menu is very special in many ways, since it’s mr. TOMI BJORK‘s creative vision and taste for good food that brings the best and well known dishes of Spain, Italy and France to your table in a new, modern way. Bronda is not as culinary “extraordinary” as per say are Farang and Gajin ( other two restaurants in the BW chain ) but it certainly is far from boring or already seen.



We’ve been served an amazing dinner of about 10 courses all together and may I say right away, I can’t wait to go back. The food was SO delicious that I went to a food heaven with every bite. The idea is that the plate arrives to the middle of the table and every dish is meant to be shared between the people that are by the table. Sharing is caring! 🙂 Important to notice is that the food is locally sourced and always in season.

A la carte menu is divided into: snacks, fresh to share, warm to share, sides and desserts.

For snacks we have opted to test: Margarita pizzetta, Mushroom & truffle arancini, Cotechino sausage bun. For the mains fresh and warm, we have tested: Salmon tar-tat, prawns and saffron, Scallops, Grilled zucchini with peas and feta, Romesco baby back ribs and veal a la Pedro. For the dessert we took tiramisu.

Everything was prepared and served with love and attention to the smallest detail. Tastes were incredible, very well known but paired in such a new, refreshing way. I’m definitely going back to Bronda for more, esp. since their menu changes every 3-4 months, so there will always be something new to try out and let the explosion of the tastes take me on travels all over the Europe as that’s where Tomi and Matti have traveled to get their inspiration for the new menus.







Bon appetit!!!

*This post was made in collaboration with restaurant Bronda. All of the opinions and experiences are mine solely!

Photography by: Natali

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